IOS EDGE Webinar: December 19, 3:30pm EST

The Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) in the Directorate for Biological Sciences at the National Science Foundation will host a live webinar to talk about the Enabling Discovery Through Genomic Tools (EDGE) program and answer questions from participants on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 3:30 PM Eastern Time. A standalone solicitation for EDGE (NSF 18-506) …

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Tips for preparing your CAREER proposal

 The deadline for CAREER (NSF17-537) proposal submission, 19 July, 2017, is fast approaching. Below we are reposting tips for CAREER submission from an earlier blog.  You will also want to consult the current Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG NSF 17-1). You may also want to check out our prior postings on full proposal submission …

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Share Your Ideas on Cyberinfrastructure

A new NSF Dear Colleague Letter (DCL; NSF 17-031) has been posted: Request for Information on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (NSF CI 2030). From the DCL: “NSF Directorates and Offices are jointly requesting input from the research community on science challenges and associated cyberinfrastructure needs over the next …

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DEB & IOS Preliminary Proposal System Evaluation Update

Our independent evaluation contractor, Abt, closed the PI and Reviewer surveys in mid-November. At present, they are working on analyzing the survey results. These results will be brought together with analyses of stakeholder interviews and programmatic (proposal, award, and review process) data that Abt has already completed to produce a full evaluation. We are expecting […] …

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Tips for preparing your CAREER proposal

Today we are reposting an earlier post about preparing your CAREER proposal…this year’s deadline is July 20, 2016. The current solicitation is NSF 15-555.

IOS in Focus

 The deadline for CAREER proposal submissions is fast approaching. Here are some tips from IOS program officers on preparing your proposal:

1.  Panel Review: Although there is a separate solicitation for CAREER proposals, most clusters in IOS review these proposals at disciplinary panels that also consider full proposals submitted through the core IOS solicitation. Thus, you can expect your reviewers to be familiar with the research area in general, and in many cases with the specific conceptual and technical approaches discussed in your proposal.

2.  Intellectual Merit: The same criteria apply for CAREER proposals and regular full proposal submissions ( Whether the work is hypothesis-driven or discovery-based, a clearly articulated conceptual framework should be in place, with the aims thematically linked but not tightly dependent on each another. The work proposed should fit the five-year duration required by the program. The goal is to make it clear to…

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