Meet IOS: Colin Saldanha

Name: Colin J. Saldanha Education: B.A. - Gustavus Adolphus College (Biology & Psychology), Ph.D. - Columbia University (Psychology), Postdoc - UCLA (Neuroendocrinology) Home Institution: American University Tell us about your research: Members of my laboratory are interested in the spatial and temporal specificity of hormone provision. Several hormones are often made in multiple cell-types of …

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Meet IOS: Kim Gallagher

Title: Kimberly Gallagher, Program Director BIO/IOS - Developmental Systems Education: B.A.: Barnard College, Columbia University - Biology, Ph.D.: University of California San Diego - Biology Home Institution: University of Pennsylvania Tell us about your research: I am very interested in the signaling pathways and mechanisms that underlie development. A primary focus of the research in my …

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Meet IOS: Purnima Bhanot

  Title: Purnima Bhanot, Program Director BIO/IOS - SDS Program Education: B.A.: Mount Holyoke College - Biochemistry, Ph.D.: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Molecular Biology and Genetics Home Institution: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Tell us about your research: My research focuses on kinase signaling pathways in protozoan parasites, that pose a significant danger …

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