Did you know? Integrative Research in Biology (IntBIO) has been added as a track to the core IOS solicitation 

We want to highlight that the “Integrative Research in Biology (IntBIO)” funding opportunity is now a track within the IOS core programs (NSF 23-547). The purpose of this track is to support collaborative proposals to tackle bold questions in biology that require an integrative approach. Typically, this type of research will span different sub-disciplines of biology and incorporate cutting-edge methods, tools, and concepts from each to produce groundbreaking biological discovery that is synergistic, such that the sum is greater than the parts. 

Proposals to the IntBio track require additional solicitation-specific criteria, that reviewers will be asked to evaluate. These review criteria are the extent to which: 

  • The proposal describes a fundamental overarching question or significant technical challenge that is addressed through bold, integrative, hypothesis- or question-driven research and that aims to produce outcomes that are synergistic and have potential to reveal new principles underlying function or interaction of biological systems. 
  • The graphical illustration effectively conveys how integration will be accomplished through interconnection among sub-disciplines, elements, or systems and how integrated strategies will lead to a synergistic outcome. 
  • The proposal provides a clear description of the investigative team and evidence that they are well-positioned to achieve the goals of the proposed work. 
  • The proposal describes an inclusive training and education plan, as part of broader impacts, that is likely to produce a new generation of diverse scientists who are trained in integrative approaches to biological research. 

If you would like to discuss whether your research might fit within the IntBio track, you can reach out to IOS Program Director Joanna Shisler (jshisler@nsf.gov) with specific questions. Having a 1-page project summary ready to share will help the discussion!