Did you miss it? October 2022 Virtual Office Hours Recap: Integrative Research in Biology (IntBIO).

The slides are available here.

The Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) held a Virtual Office Hour on October 20th, 2022 providing information on current solicitations and Dear Colleague Letters the community might wish to investigate before moving on to our topic of the month, the Integrative Research in Biology (IntBIO, NSF 21-622) funding opportunity. 

Some general information about the IntBIO solicitation:

  • Deadline for proposal submission is January 24, 2023.
  • For the upcoming deadline, the same solicitation-specific criteria for IntBIO proposals remain. For example, there continues to be a focus on different biological subdisciplines integrating to produce synergistic work and that there will be plans for integrative training.
  • Starting January 25, 2023, IntBIO proposals can be submitted at any time to core program solicitations in the Divisions of Environmental Biology (DEB), Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS), and Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB).

We were joined by program officers active in IntBIO who addressed audience member questions:

  1. The movement of IntBIO proposals to the core programs generated many questions. To reiterate, January 24, 2023 is the next deadline for submission of IntBIO proposals that will be reviewed by an IntBIO-specific panel. After this date, IntBIO proposals should be submitted to the core programs in DEB, MCB or IOS. As with all core proposals, there is no submission deadline. The solicitation-specific criteria for IntBIO proposals are likely to be similar but check future core program solicitations for details.
  1. What sort of expanded, or additional, aspects of Broader Impacts are required or expected in IntBIO proposals? One solicitation-specific criterion for IntBIO proposals is a plan for training and education that is inclusive and likely to produce a new generation of diverse scientists who are trained in integrative approaches in biological research. Of course, this training is a part of the Broader Impacts section of the grant. Other additional activities outside of training and education are also permitted. With all activities discussed in Broader Impacts, it is wise to describe the logistics and assessment of activities.

Please join us on November 17, 2022 for our next IOS Virtual Office Hour when we will provide information about the Mid-Career Advancement solicitation (MCA, NSF 22-603). Anyone who is eligible (e.g., has been an Associate professor for at least 3 years) might want to listen in and bring their questions!