I3: Remember to go to Office Hours!

Hey, do you know that all four BIO divisions have Virtual Office Hours?

And haven’t we all told students (or been told!) to make use of a professor’s office hours?

So why aren’t you coming to office hours?

We want to specifically highlight the Virtual Office Hours of DBI (Division of Biological Infrastructure) because of the diversity and uniqueness of their offerings and because we’re sure some of the PIs who typically look at IOS for opportunities might also find DBI’s offerings interesting.

Check out DBI’s schedule here; make a plan to attend those of interest to you!

And don’t forget the other BIO office hours! In addition to hearing about new division-specific topics, you might get a chance to listen in on a topic covered in another Division’s virtual office hour that you missed!

IOS – https://iosblog.nsfbio.com/virtual-office-hours/   

DEB – https://debblog.nsfbio.com/office-hours/

MCB – https://mcbblog.nsfbio.com/office-hours/