Learn More About a New Dear Colleague Letter from IOS: Organismal Systems and Infection Biology (OSIB) 

NSF 22-016 

With this Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) the Division of Integrative and Organismal Systems (IOS) calls for proposals that build on our ongoing programs to move forward our understanding of infection processes in natural systems. All study systems are appropriate, except those that focus solely on human diseases. Proposals that focus on building a mechanistic understanding are encouraged. In addition, comparative approaches to the study of immune systems, in a phylogenetic context, are also encouraged as these studies are expected to discover conserved and convergent immune responses or cell types. Finally, proposals that focus on interactions between immune responses and other physiological, developmental, neural, and behavioral phenotypes are also well suited to this call. 

Proposals should be submitted to the IOS program most closely related to the proposed activities through the IOS Core Programs solicitation (21-506), the Plant-Biotic Interactions (20-576), the Plant Genome Research Program (21-507), or the Enabling Discovery through Genomics (21-546) solicitation. Proposals for Research Coordination Networks (RCN) are also welcome and should be prepared and submitted consistent with the guidelines in the RCN solicitation. Proposals for conferences must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the guidance for Conference Proposals contained in Chapter II.E.9 of the NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG). In addition to any solicitation or PAPPG specific requirements, all proposal titles should start with “OSIB:”. 

If this opportunity is of interest, see the full DCL for more information.