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Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease (EEID 

Full Proposal Deadline is Nov 24, 2021

Is your research focused on factors that contribute to the transmission of infectious disease? 

If so, you should definitely have a look at the latest version of the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) solicitation, NSF 21-609. This is a long-standing BIO-based program that focuses on an integrative understanding of transmission dynamics of infectious disease.   

Specifically, the multi-agency program supports research on the ecological, evolutionary, physiological, organismal, and social influences on the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. Submitted projects must incorporate quantitative or computational approaches towards gaining new insights into pathogen transmission dynamics. The intent is discovery of principles and mechanisms underlying infectious disease (re)emergence and transmission and testing mathematical or computational models that elucidate infectious disease systems. Projects should be broad, interdisciplinary efforts that go beyond the scope of typical studies. They should focus on the determinants and interactions of (re)emergence and transmission among any host species, including but not limited to humans, non-human animals, and/or plants. 

More information is available at the program page and feel free to contact Program Directors listed below for more information or assistance in determining if your project is a fit for the program. 

Contacts in IOS include: 
Joanna Shisler, jshisler@nsf.gov 
Colette St. Mary, cstmary@nsf.gov 
Michael Mishkind, mmishkin@nsf.gov