Join Us in Congratulating Christina M. Grozinger!

Dr. Christina M. Grozinger, Pennsylvania State University received the 2021 NAS Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences

A leading social insect biologist, Dr. Grozinger integrates research, education, outreach, and service in her work regarding the biology and health of honeybees and other pollinators. She has expanded our understanding of how bee stressors—including pathogens, parasites, pesticides, poor nutrition, climate change, and extreme weather effects—affect bees. The work is critical to helping address the global crisis of pollinator decline. 

Dr. Grozinger is a highly collaborative scientist who has participated as principal and co-principal investigator on several NSF-supported research projects on a variety of topics.  A sample of her NSF awards, going all the way back to her graduate degree days is listed below, including her CAREER award from IOS: 

IOS EDGE: Accelerating arthropod genetic manipulation through ReMOT Control 

COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Molecular Mechanisms Underpinning The Kin Selection Theory Of Intragenomic Conflict 

Collaborative Research: Quantifying the Critical Importance of Insect-mediated Pollination Service for the U.S. Economy 

BREAD: Sustainable Solutions for Preserving Pollinator Health in East Africa 

Collaborative Research: Epigenetic Gene Regulation in the Social Bee Apis Mellifera 

Dissertation Research: Sociogenomics of pheromone response and reproductive traits in worker honey bees 

SGER: Microarray Analysis of Caste Ontogeny in a Social Insect 

CAREER: Genomic Analysis of Pheromone-Mediated Behavior 

Endocrinology of Tick Reproduction: A New Perspective