The Process of Co-Review – A Peek Behind The Curtain

Although most proposals are submitted to a specific program in IOS, some proposals are co-reviewed by two or more programs. Co-review continues to be common due to the interdisciplinary nature of IOS science and also because the Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) has emphasized the importance of integrating across sub-disciplines in biology. Please see our IOS blog repost on co-review for more details and keep reading if you want a refresher.  

 A few elements to keep in mind about co-review: 

  • The purpose of co-review is to accommodate in-depth review of proposals that may be interdisciplinary and cross several programs. 
  • Co-review provides a greater depth of review for the PI to consider when receiving reviewer and panel feedback. 
  • Co-review is an excellent option for projects that cover broad integrative research or does not fall squarely in any single program.  
  • Co-review cannot hurt your chances of funding. If reviewed in two panels, the ranking of proposals is independent between the co-reviewing programs. 
  • Co-review accommodates more options for co-funding recommendations. Either program can recommend a proposal for an award independently, or the proposal can be recommended for co-funding from both programs. 

Be sure to contact a program officer anytime if you have questions about the co-review process. We understand that it is often difficult to determine where best to submit a proposal, given the complex organization of NSF and the wide diversity of research interests. Please see our re-post on how to work with a program officer.