IOS Virtual Office Hours January 2021 Edition: Integrative Research in Biology

The Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) held a Virtual Office Hour (VOH) on January 21, 2021 focused on the new Integrative Research in Biology (IntBIO, NSF 21-543) solicitation. The deadline for IntBIO proposal submission is March 16, 2021.

IntBIO replaced the Rules of Life track that was formerly in all the core solicitations of the Directorate for Biological Sciences. IntBIO supports integrative research undertaken by dynamic, collaborative interdisciplinary teams that span biological disciplines. IntBIO proposals should focus on understanding how biological systems function and interact across different scales of organization. Proposals must define the type of integration carried out and must also include a graphical illustration of the project, a description of the interdisciplinary research team, and a detailed education and training plan. Applicants should read the solicitation (NSF 21-543) for more details.  Specific questions may be sent to the IntBIO Working Group at

Specific Questions about the IntBIO solicitation at the January VOH:

Do collaborators involved in IntBIO proposals have to be at different universities? – No. Collaborators may be located at the same or different institutions. Collaborators may also be internationally located, but for more information about international collaborations, please see the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide; NSF 20-1).  

Can disciplines outside of biology be included in the IntBIO collaboration? – Yes. Integration within biology is required for an IntBIO project, but collaborators from outside biology may also be included.

Are the unique components (graphical abstract, description of the collaborative team, training plan), part of the 15 page research description? – Yes. These components must be included in the 15 page research description.

Is there a particular budget limit associated with proposals submitted to this solicitation? – No. There is no particular target budget for IntBIO proposals. The proposed budget should be commensurate with the objectives to accomplish the goals of the project. The requested amount should be fully justified  and outlined in the Budget Justification.

How will IntBIO proposals be reviewed? – All IntBIO proposals will be reviewed in dedicated panels comprising a diverse group of scientists from across all disciplines in biology.

Join us at our next IOS Office Hour to be held on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 2 pm EST, when IOS program directors will be joined by guests from NSF’s Division of Grants and Agreements to address questions about budgets.  NOTE – this is a different day and time from our normal IOS Virtual Office Hours, and, feel free to alert your sponsored research office or budget preparation personnel about this special VOH. 

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