Recent Dear Colleague Letters of Interest to the IOS Community

We’d like to bring your attention to two different Dear Colleague Letters* (DCL) that were issued recently by NSF.

The first DCL focuses on Non-Academic Research Internships for Graduate Students (INTERN). This supplemental funding opportunity provides training opportunities to graduate students already supported by NSF grants to “develop skills that prepare them to be successful for a broad range of academic and non-academic career paths.”  NSF funded faculty members are encouraged to talk to program directors about this unique option for students in their labs.

The second DCL solicits input from industry, institutions of higher education, non-profits, government entities, and other interested parties for ideas on future topics for the NSF Convergence Accelerator. “Potential topics for the FY 2022 NSF Convergence Accelerator program must have the potential for significant national-scale societal impact. Topic ideas may also relate to Industries of the Future (IotF) and/or NSF’s Big Ideas. Ideas submitted in response to this RFI must be broad in scope to support and identify a set of challenges to complex problems that would be best addressed by multiple teams working together as a cohort.”

*Dear Colleague Letters (DCLs) are intended to provide general information to the community, clarify or amend an existing policy or document, or inform the NSF proposer community about upcoming opportunities or special competitions for supplements to existing awards. In addition, DCLs are often used to draw attention to an impending change in NSF policies or programs.

DCLs are listed in the National Science Foundation’s Document Library.

BIO DCLs can be found here.