Farewell to two members of the IOS team, Science Assistant Ashley Le-Pham and Program Assistant Stephanie Roach!

We’ve learned that no matter how long people stay at NSF, they always leave a huge impact! This summer, we reluctantly say goodbye to two staff members: Program Assistant Stephanie Roach and Science Assistant Ashley Le-Pham. Both Stephanie and Ashley contributed significantly to the IOS team. We are sorry to see them go, but we are excited for their next career opportunities.

Roach, Stephanie, M

Stephanie Roach joined IOS in 2020 after receiving a Master’s degree in Global Communication from George Washington University. Before coming to NSF as a Program Assistant*, Stephanie completed an internship at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and spent six months on a fellowship with the UNESCO project office in Myanmar. She spent over five years overseas working in China, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Stephanie brought great insight and compassion to her work in IOS. Stephanie was one of those can-do team players who exceled at her job from day one.   We will miss her, but we wish her well in her new endeavors.

Ashley_Le Pham

Ashley Le-Pham joined NSF as a Science Assistant** in 2018 after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from California State University, Fullerton. Ashley brought infectious enthusiasm and optimism to her job in IOS. She was skilled at data analytics, learned new tasks rapidly and was always ready to help. As a problem solver with a creative energetic spirit, we were not surprised that Ashley was recruited into a competitive permanent position as Biologist in the Division of Environmental Biology (DEB)  in the Directorate of Biological Sciences. Even though Ashley is not working with us directly in IOS now, she is just down the hall (or shall we say, in the next Zoom room over). We are fortunate that Ashley remains at NSF to bring her work ethic and effort to DEB.

We thank Stephanie and Ashley for all their contributions to IOS and we wish them both good luck in the future with all their endeavors!

*Program Assistants help to organize panels, communicate with panelists and the scientific community, facilitate travel, and work with the entire Division to ensure panels run smoothly.

** Science Assistants hold temporary positions, and help the division run panels, awardee meetings, analyze funding portfolios and handle special scientific projects to assist staff and program directors.