Farewell to two rotating* Program Directors in IOS, Kelly Dawe and Brad Day!

Summer often brings farewells in IOS as rotating Program Directors return to their academic institutions. In the past few weeks, IOS has said goodbye to two outstanding rotators and scientists, Drs. Kelly Dawe and Brad Day. We thank them for their exceptional service to NSF and the research community!

Ronald Kelly Dawe

Kelly Dawe joined IOS in 2019 from the University of Georgia, where he is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Departments of Plant Biology and Genetics. Kelly is a renowned maize geneticist, cell biologist, genomics expert, and is well known around the division for his breadth of knowledge, exceptional research and teaching, commitment to forward-thinking science and also for his love of plants. For the past 18 months, Kelly served as Program Director in the Plant Genome Research Program where he brought insight and a great collaborative spirit to IOS.

Robert Brad Day

Brad Day returns to Michigan State University, where he is MSU Foundation Professor in the Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences. Brad is an outstanding researcher and educator in the area of plant-microbe interactions where his diverse contributions include bringing cell biological approaches to the field and developing sequence-specific biosensors for unamplified DNA. For the past year Brad served as a Program Director in the NSF/USDA-NIFA joint program in Plant Biotic Interactions where he brought his exceptional inter-disciplinary knowledge and ability to communicate broadly to IOS He was appreciated in the division for his integrative approach to science and for his creative contributions to IOS scientific visions and broader impacts..

*rotating Program Directors are scientists hired into temporary 1-3 year positions at NSF to help administer proposal review, make funding recommendations and contribute to NSF outreach efforts.