Farewell to Colin Saldana, rotating* Program Director in the Neural Systems Cluster!

Colin Saldanha imaageIOS says goodbye to Colin Saldanha and thanks him for his exceptional service to the Neural Systems Cluster and all of BIO! For the past two years, Colin served as a rotating Program Director in the Modulation Program of the Neural Systems Cluster. He brought much appreciated insight, ideas, energy, and a great team spirit to the division. Colin has now returned to his home academic institution as Professor of Biology at American University (AU), where he continues outstanding research in understanding how hormones contribute to brain structure and function using finches and other model systems. Colin is also an affiliate Professor in the Department of Psychology at AU and he is an active contributor to diversifying the scientific enterprise and communicating science to the public. He has left a mark on the Neural Systems Cluster and IOS and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors!

*rotating Program Directors are scientists hired into temporary 1-3 year positions at NSF to help administer proposal review, make funding recommendations and contribute to NSF outreach efforts.