What’s New In IOS: Two Dear Colleague Letters

Dear Colleague Letters (DCL) are used by NSF to provide information, clarify an existing document or policy, and inform the community of special competitions or topical areas of interest within regular ongoing programs or funding mechanisms. IOS has recently issued two new Dear Colleague Letters highlighting IOS’s interest in receiving proposals in two specific topical areas. They are:

DCL: Plant Synthetic Biology (NSF 20-045)

    The Plant Synthetic Biology DCL highlights programs across NSF Directorates that support research that advances the field of plant synthetic biology. These programs support basic research, tool development, applications, and proposals that emphasize potential outcomes with benefits to society.

DCL: IMAGiNE 2020: Organisms in a Dynamic Environment (NSF 20-044)

    The IMAGiNE 2020 DCL encourages integrated studies that investigate how genomes, phenomes, and the environment interact to influence the development, expression, and evolution of complex traits in organisms.

Investigators are encouraged to explore these DCLs and to contact a Program Director for more information. Additional information about these opportunities will be provided during upcoming IOS Virtual Office Hours. Please tune in for the March 19th Virtual Office Hour to learn more and ask questions.