Congratulations to IOS investigator Zachary Lippman for receiving the 2020 National Academies of Sciences (NAS) Prize in Food & Agriculture!

The NAS Prize in Food and Agriculture recognizes the research accomplishments of a mid-career scientist who has
“made an extraordinary contribution to agriculture or to the understanding of the biology of a species fundamentally important to agriculture or food production.” NAS Food and Agriculture Award website

This certainly describes the work of IOS Principal Investigator Zachary Lippman, a plant biologist at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute!  Zack Lippman’s research, funded by the Developmental Systems Cluster and the Plant Genome Research Program in IOS, focuses on understanding the genetic basis of flowering and fruit development in a model crop system, tomato. His basic discoveries, genomic analyses, and breakthrough gene editing technologies allow for engineering quantitative traits for crop improvement. These transformative outcomes have the potential to accelerate the breeding cycle of tomatoes and other crops into the future.

Check out Dr. Lippman research below:

IOS-1556172, A Novel Mechanism Regulating Inflorescence Development in Tomato

IOS-1732253, Research PGR: Structural variant landscapes in tomato genomes and their role in natural variation, domestication and crop improvement