2019 IOS Quarterly Conferences Update: June-September

Program representatives of the Division of Integrative Organismal Systems (IOS) will be attending various conferences and meetings throughout this quarter. This will provide opportunities for conversations with Program Directors regarding activities in IOS, across the Directorate for Biological Sciences, and about funding opportunities at NSF, in general.

The table below provides a listing of the Program Directors and the conferences that they will be attending:

Program Officers and Senior Managers

Animal-Microbe Symbioses Gordon Research Conference, Mount Snow, VT

June 16-21

Joanna Shisler, jshisler@nsf.gov

ASM Microbe Meeting, San Francisco, CA

June 20-24

Mamta Rawat, mrawat@nsf.gov

Evolution Conference, Providence, RI

June 21-25

Ted Morgan, tmorgan@nsf.gov

International Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Congress, Glasgow, UK

July 14-18

Michael Mishkind

American Society for Virology, Minneapolis, MN

July 20-24

Joanna Shisler, jshisler@nsf.gov

Gordon Research Conference on Archaea, Les Diablerets, CH

July 21-26

Mamta Rawat, mrawat@nsf.gov

Animal Behavior Society Conference, Chicago, IL

July 23-27

Karen Mabry, kmabry@nsf.gov
Jodie Jawor, jjawor@nsf.gov

American Society of Plant Biologists Conference, San Jose, CA

August 3-7

Diane Jofuku Okamuro, dokamuro@nsf.gov
Gerald Schoenknecht, gschoenk@nsf.gov
Anne Sylvester, asylvest@nsf.gov
Cliff Weil, cweil@nsf.gov

Plant Synthetic Biology Conference, San Jose, CA

August 7-9

Kelly Dawe, rdawe@nsf.gov