March Mammal Madness is back!

March Madness is upon us once again, not only for basketball fans, but for fans of science as well. Principal Investigator Katie Hinde from Arizona State University has just what you need if you’d like to mix your competitive spirit with scientific knowledge – March Mammal Madness!

The 7th annual competition will begin Today, March 11, 2019 with the wild card pick. Here is a Calendar for notable dates for this event.


March 4 Bracket Release M
March 11 WILD Card M
March 13 Round 1 Jump Around W
March 14 Round 1 Waterfalls TH
March 18 Round 1 CAT-e-GORY M
March 19 Round 1 TAG-TEAM T
March 21 Round 2 JA & WF TH
March 25 Round 2 TT & CeG M
March 26 Sweet 16 T
March 28 Elite Trait TH
April 1 Final Roar M


With each bout, Dr. Hinde and her collaborators outline the behavior, ecology, physiology, and evolution of the competitors and live tweet the action for you to follow.

This is an excellent opportunity for educators at all levels to introduce students to different species, and a fun way to get students interested in and excited about science. Bouts are boisterous and there’s always something to learn, regardless of how long you’ve been in the science business. Plus, there’s the opportunity to brag to and hassle other players – in a good-natured way of course!

Find further information on March Mammal Madness, print out brackets, and follow  match updates on Dr. Hinde’s blog. Dr. Hinde and her group have a blog where they announce what is going on in each competition, sharing information about the competitors and the environment they are competing in, and observing the match itself. After each round of competition, the group also displays updates on their official Facebook page.

If you would like more information on this event, check out the Katie Hinde on Dr. Hinde’s blog.