UPDATE 8/31/18: All three IOS Solicitations are now Available Online! See this post for details

Update on No-Deadline Solicitation:

IOS No Deadline Solicitation Update 8/31/2018

We announced in October 2017 that BIO would implement a “no-deadline” full proposals submission in 2018 and that all four divisions would release new solicitations in mid-2018 (for more information on no-deadlines, check out the Dear Colleague Letter and associated FAQs). It’s mid-August and I bet you’re wondering what’s going on with the solicitations.

The wait will soon be over – the solicitations are in the final stages of the NSF review and clearance by the NSF Policy Office, Budget Office and the Office of the NSF General Counsel (i.e., our lawyers). Once they are cleared, they will be ready for release!

Make sure to sign up for NSF Updates, the email service that will alert you the minute that the solicitations are active online. Read them carefully for important information about proposal submission to IOS and if you have questions, contact a program director.


NSF Updates Subscription Instructions:

To subscribe, visit the NSF “Find Funding” page, where you can sign up to receive NSF funding information by email or RSS feed. Upon registering, you will be automatically subscribed to “All NSF Program Announcements and Information for National Science Foundation Update”. To receive only the latest BIO updates, visit “Subscriber Preferences” on the confirmation screen to view and edit your list of active subscriptions.

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Once the solicitations are active, you can submit a full proposal to IOS any day, any time! We look forward to receiving your submission!

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