We’re Moving!

As you may have heard, the lease on NSF’s building in Ballston was up and the General Services Administration negotiated a lease on a brand-new building in Alexandria not far from Old Town. The new building located at the Eisenhower metro stop will be even closer to Regan National Airport and have two floors for panels and meetings. NSF has been preparing for this move for some time. In fact, the servers and the other IT infrastructure moved first over the 4th of July weekend. It was so well done that the remaining parts of NSF still back in Ballston were up and running without any interruption of service. In fact, many NSF services are operating dual offices during the move to ensure that all services are accessible.

Alexandria NSF
NSF’s new headquarters in Alexandria, VA at the Eisenhower Metro stop.

To prepare for the move, we are cleaning out old files and books and other mementos of our time here in Ballston. In August, the various NSF directorates began moving in groups. IOS (and the rest of the Directorate for Biological Sciences) will move the week of September 11th.  Our last day in Ballston will be September 14th.  Everyone will report to the new building on the next Monday to unpack in our new offices. Please bear with us during the move. Email addresses and phone numbers for NSF employees and NSF offices (including Fastlane/Research.gov help) will not change. We expect to be fully functional, but you may not receive as rapid of a response during this time.

NSF will have a new mailing address effective Monday, October 2, 2017:

National Science Foundation 
2415 Eisenhower Avenue 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
 We’re looking forward to seeing you at the new NSF building in Alexandria!