Preparing a Full Proposal: IACUC

This is one in a series of blog entries with tips for preparing a full proposal for the upcoming August 5, 2016 deadline for the IOS core programs track. It is not intended to be a complete set of instructions, rather to provide some tips about common issues and useful additional information. Please consult the current Grant Proposal Guide and the current IOS Core Programs solicitation (NSF 16-505) for complete instructions. As always, if you have questions contact your friendly program director!

In IOS, we seldom see proposals involving human subjects, but often receive proposals studying animals in nature or in the laboratory. Evidence of institutional Public Health Service (PHS) assurance and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval are required for funding a proposal involving vertebrate animals. Chapter II, Section D7 of the Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 16-1) includes detailed information on the requirements for proposals for projects involving vertebrates.

In FastLane, the Principal Investigator (PI) of a project that already has an approved IACUC protocol should: (1) check the box for vertebrate animals on the proposal cover page, (2) indicate the expiration date of the IACUC approval, and (3) provide the PHS assurance number for their institution.

If the PI does not have IACUC approval for the proposed work but will apply for approval should the proposal be selected for funding, the PI should: (1) check the box on the cover page, (2) provide the institutional PHS assurance number, and (3) indicate that the IACUC approval is PENDING. In this case, a letter of approval from the IACUC will be required once the project is selected for an award.

IACUC letters should include: (1) the PI’s full name and title of the grant, (2) the PHS assurance number, (3) an indication of when the protocol was IACUC approved, (4) when the IACUC approval expires, and (5) the signature of the IACUC chair.

Note that the IACUC approval date must be less than 33 months from the requested award start date.

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