Preparing a Full Proposal: Responding to Reviewers

This is one in a series of blog entries with tips for preparing a full proposal for the upcoming August 5, 2016 deadline for the IOS core programs track. It is not intended to be a complete set of instructions, rather to provide some tips about common issues and useful additional information. Please consult the current Grant Proposal Guide and the current IOS Core Programs solicitation (NSF 16-505) for complete instructions. As always, if you have questions contact your friendly program director!

The preliminary proposal panels often give advice to PIs that can be useful when preparing a full proposal. We expect that PIs will follow at least some of that advice, but that PIs might not incorporate all of it.

A  formal “Response to Reviewers” section is optional. Given the 15 page limit, PIs should consider if a direct response to reviewers is necessary or not. Responding to panelist and or ad hoc reviewers’ feedback is not like responding to journal article reviewers. There is no expectation that your full proposal will necessarily be sent to the same reviewers and the full proposal panel does not have access to the preliminary proposals or their associated reviews, nor do they have access to any prior full proposal submissions and their associated reviews. For most programs in IOS there is some overlap in panel composition between the preliminary proposal and full proposal panels with about 50% returning panelists on average. However, most programs have multiple preliminary proposal panels with only one full proposal panel so even the returning panelists may not have previously seen an individual preliminary proposal submission. Program directors do have access to all prior preliminary proposal and full proposal submissions and can evaluate whether a PI incorporated the advice of previous reviewers or not.

The most important thing is to write a strong proposal  that shows off the strengths of the intellectual merit and broader impacts and the feasibility of the research and broader impacts plans.

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