Preparing a Full Proposal: References

This is one in a series of blog entries with tips for preparing a full proposal for the upcoming August 5, 2016 deadline for the IOS core programs track. It is not intended to be a complete set of instructions, rather to provide some tips about common issues and useful additional information. Please consult the current Grant Proposal Guide and the current IOS Core Programs solicitation (NSF 16-505) for complete instructions. As always, if you have questions contact your friendly program director!

The “References” section of an IOS full proposal is important to the overall evaluation of the proposal, but is often one of the last things a PI works on prior to submission.

There is no page limit for this section. All references must be in formal bibliographic format. Many PIs don’t realize the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) requires that each reference include the names of all authors; the use of “et al.” is not appropriate. Whenever possible, references should include a web address (URL) where they can be located.

As mentioned in an earlier blog in this series regarding “Results from Prior NSF Support,” the “References” section may also include any publications produced under prior NSF support. If you choose to include these in the “References” section, you should identify them in some way (e.g., bold, with an asterisk, etc.). Note, publications produced under prior support do not have to be cited in the text of the proposal.

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