Preparing a Full Proposal: Results from Prior NSF Support

This is one in a series of blog entries with tips for preparing a full proposal for the upcoming August 5, 2016 deadline for the IOS core programs track. It is not intended to be a complete set of instructions, rather to provide some tips about common issues and useful additional information. Please consult the current Grant Proposal Guide and the current IOS Core Programs solicitation (NSF 16-505) for complete instructions. As always, if you have questions contact your friendly program director!

NSF views the PI and CoPIs on a project proposal as equals. The only difference is that the PI is the primary contact regarding the proposal. If the PI or any CoPI has had NSF funding in the past 5 years, a section of the project description called “Results from Prior NSF Support” must be included in the proposal. This section is required even if the NSF funding supported research unrelated to topics addressed in the current project.  The information provided in this section must include the NSF award number, the amount awarded, the title of the project, and a brief summary of activities.

The Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 16-1) also requires a list of all publications related to the previously funded NSF projects, either in the “Results from Prior NSF Support” section or the references section. In the “Results from Prior NSF Support” section, many PIs opt to provide information about products, such as web pages or tools, and then summarize the relevant publications by giving the total number, noting that they are listed in the references section, and specifying how they are indicated (e.g., in bold or with an asterisk, etc.). Both the scientific (intellectual) and broader impacts activities and outcomes should be discussed in this section. Often PIs forget to include the activities related to teaching, training and learning.

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