Watch NSF Director France Córdova present the agency’s FY2016 budget request

Dr. France Córdova, NSF director, recently presented a summary of the President’s budget request to Congress for NSF in fiscal year 2016 (FY2016).  Some highlights of the budget request relevant to IOS science include increased funding for Understanding the Brain (NSF’s contribution to the BRAIN Initiative) and Broadening Participation.  View the video of her presentation here.

What is this all about?  What is a budget request?
Every year, the President of the United States presents a budget request to Congress for the federal government. This budget request is prepared by Office of Management and Budget (OMB; an Executive Office of the President), in cooperation with each federal agency.   Following negotiations within Congress, appropriations bills are passed to fund the government.  Congress may choose to provide more or less funding than requested by the President to any given agency and/or program.

Funding for NSF is included in the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill (1 of 12 bills funding the federal government).  For FY15, Congress approved $7.34 billion for NSF, greater than the $7.25 billion that was requested by the President.

To find out more about the FY2016 NSF request, read this article.  For more details about the budget request for BIO and IOS, read this summary.