Tips for preparing your DDIG application

The deadline for submitting Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIG) is fast approaching! All materials must be submitted in Fastlane by October 9, 2014. Awards are made for doctoral candidates to expand an existing body of dissertation research. They may also include participation in scientific meetings, and fees for research in specialized facilities or field settings, see the DDIG solicitation for more details on allowable costs.

Here are some top tips from an IOS program officer:

1) In IOS, DDIG applications are ONLY accepted for the Behavioral Systems Cluster. In other words, if your research questions are unrelated to the field of Animal Behavior, you will not be eligible for IOS funding through the DDIG program. Read here to learn more about the Behavioral Systems Cluster. If you have questions about whether your research is eligible, contact an IOS DDIG program officer (contact info below).

2) The “Context for Improvement” document needs to adequately address how the DDIG award will improve your dissertation research, as well as how you are independent from your advisor.

3) A Data Management Plan is required for DDIG proposals. For more guidance on Data Management Plans, review this document.

4) The most successful DDIG applicantions expand the dissertation in an impactful and integrative way often providing new training and skills for the applicant.

Be sure that your submission contains all of the following components; otherwise, your proposal may be returned without review. See the DDIG solicitation for full instructions.

1. Cover Page with a title including the words DISSERTATION RESEARCH.
2. Project Summary
3. Project Description addressing both NSF Merit Review criteria (read here for more information).
4. Budget
5. Budget Justification
6. Candidacy statement
7. Context for Improvement statement
8. Data Management Plan
9. Letters of Collaboration (if applicable).

IOS anticipates that DDIG review panels will take place in February 2015, while awards will be made during the spring. Therefore, do not request funding for activities that will begin before late spring 2015. While granting is competitive, current funding rates for the DDIG program are relatively high at ~25-30%.

For more information, contact an IOS DDIG program officer using the email address

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