Supplemental Funding for BIO Awards

The Directorate for Biological Sciences at NSF offers several award supplements for PIs seeking to support additional members of their research teams.  PIs are especially encouraged to apply for these supplements in their efforts to include members of under-represented groups in their research.  General guidance for submitting supplement requests to IOS can be found here.  The deadline for supplement requests in IOS is 1 March annually or the next business day if that is a weekend or holiday.

Research Apprenticeships for High School Students (RAHSS)
Dear Colleague Letter
These research experience supplements are intended to encourage talented high school students who are members of minority groups traditionally underrepresented in US science to participate in NSF-supported research projects.

Research Experience for Teachers (RET)
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The purpose of these supplemental awards is to facilitate professional development of K-12 science teachers through research experience at the cutting edge of science. The Division is particularly interested in encouraging its researchers to build mutually rewarding partnerships with teachers at inner city schools and less well-endowed school districts.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
REU Program Announcement
IOS guidance for preparing REU supplement funding requests
The purpose of these supplemental awards is to enable undergraduate students to participate in NSF supported research. They provide summer or calendar year stipends for the students and possibly modest supplies for the undergraduate project.

Research Opportunity Awards (ROA)
Dear Colleague Letter
IOS guidance for preparing ROA supplement funding requests
The purpose of these supplemental awards is to enable faculty from primarily undergraduate colleges to participate in NSF supported research projects. They can provide support (e.g. salary, per diem, and travel funds) for summer research or during sabbatical leave.

In addition, PIs can request supplemental funding to accommodate persons with disabilities participating in their research. More information can be found here.

As always, please contact your friendly program officer if you have questions!